Water Heater

We manufacture, export and supply highly demanded Water Heaters. These Water Heaters are precision engineered and are manufactured as per the industry norms. Our Water Heaters are high performing and easy to operate. We offer our Water Heaters at affordable prices.


  • Onyx water heater extracts heat from the surrounding air and releases it to the water, resulting in heating water. A small amount of energy is involved in the process.
  • It is transferring of renewable energy and not converting electrical to heat energy.

Salient Features

  • Uses Renewable Energy
  • Eco- Friendly
  • Saves up to 75% on Electric Energy
  • Compact and occupies less floor area
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Neither Sunlight nor LPG required
  • Durable
  • Use anytime of the day during any season
  • High Standard of Quality
  • Innovative and High Operating Efficiency
  • Pollution Free

Advantage : It is the only one of its kind which produces cool air that can be used, if required.

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